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295 pages. David Rudman. Former Soviet Union numerous times Champion of Wrestling, SAMBO and Judo. David Rudman. Soviet reference works contain no biographical information on, for example, David Rudman, who not only promoted Russian Sambo, a martial art originating in the Soviet Union—and was one of the outstanding judo practitioners in the world—but also founded a youth club in Moscow to serve fans of Sambo … David Rudman: 9 - Times champion of the USSR in Sambo, 2 - Times champion of Europe in Judo, Sambo World Champion, Honorary President of FIAS, FIAS first Vice President (This is for the newly arrived, real Sambists know me well and all my titles) P.S. Covering sport Sambo/Cambo wrestling techniques. Contacts He is a former international sportsman and now a coach with a huge sports and coaching experience. David Rudman Elected in 2007 ... SAMBO International Federation (FIAS) is a non-governmental public non-commercial organisation, uniting national SAMBO federations. Sambo School of David Rudman, Sambo 1000: Submissions by David Rudman book. Sambo School of David Rudman, Sambo 1000: Submissions (Sambo 1000, Book 1) (Russian) Hardcover – January 1, 2010 by David Rudman (Author) 2.5 out of 5 stars 3 ratings By order of the Judo Federation of Russia, we developed posters for the belt system adopted in Russia, as well as filmed “Stars of Japanese Judo” seminars in Moscow 2008, a seminar with famous Japanese wrestler Katsuhiko Kashivazaki in St. Petersburg in 2009. For Systema Vasiliev, read info at russianmartialart.com (Vladimir Vasiliev: Canada) and russianmartialart.org (Arthur Sennott: USA). FIAS 1-st Vice-President David Rudman 3111 Ocean Parkway, apt 7C, Brooklyn, NY, 11235, USA Tel: + 1 718 266 6684 Fax: + 1 718 373 2385 E-mail: rudman@sambo.com E-mail: drudman@hotmail.com Written in 4 … Fernando advanced this sport into an international level. David Rudman, FIAS First Vice-President: Fernando is the symbol of international SAMBO. Honored Master of Sports, Honored Coach of the USSR. Author of a number of books on sambo. Maybe it … Honorary Master of Sports of the former USSR, Honorary Coach of … David is a founder and honorary president of the Educational Center Sambo-70. All products are always in stock. Since 2001 Kallista Film has been producing instructional video films and posters for Sambo and Judo. David Rudmanfamous and legendary figure of the Soviet and Russian Sambo. Lessons of combat Sambo. Rudman became the first world champion in sambo and champion of the first International Sambo Tournament. Before Fernando came along, SAMBO had been a sport of the Soviet Union and developed only in the Soviet Union. Published 2010. Yury Rybak, Belarusian sport sambo champion, and World Judo silver medalist; Andrei Kazusionak, Belarusian sport sambo … "1000 ways of painful hold." David Rudman, USSR, champion of the first International Sambo Tournament, at 70 kg, and first World Champion in the weight category up to 68 kg. GRANDMASTER DAVID RUDMAN AJJIF Technical Adviser, Legend of SAMBO, Founder of SAMBO-70, World SAMBO Champion, European Judo Champion. FIAS is the only recognised international organisation being in charge of the development of SAMBO in the world. He is also a six-time USSR Sambo champion. For Russian Sambo, read info at rus-sambo.com (Igor Yakimov: Canada), sambo-70.com (David Rudman: Russia), americansambo.com (Brett Jacques: USA).

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